Dear students of all ages,

You are now back at school and beginning a new year of learning, fun, making friends (ok—maybe a little boredom too), and facing challenges that you did not anticipate. You will have great days of triumph and wins, and you will have a few days that are disappointing. Please know that Fallston Church will be praying for you and thinking about you. We pray that this will be a great year in your life and that you will be blessed!

We also desire that you be a blessing unto others. There will be kids in class or the dorm who are different than you--perhaps school work does not come easy for them. Others will not have the coolest clothes or new things to wear. And others will sit by themselves and find it hard to make friends. My hope is that you will be like Jesus and be kind, inclusive, and encourage others to be the same. Don't participate in bullying behavior, ridiculing others, or say things that are hurtful and bigoted.

Thank you for the witness you will be! Have a wonderful first week of school. Know that our prayers are with you!

Pastor Karin