Dear Friends,
The art of discipleship is being able to discern how God is teaching us to be more like Jesus and how we can deepen our relationship with Jesus. Last year, we spoke about moving from membership to discipleship and this year we are challenging our congregation to dive deeper. What will you do this season to be more like Jesus and to commit to the ways of the kingdom? We are asking our members to do three things during this diving deeper season:

  1. Do something radically hospitable for someone (may be engaging in conversation with your server at a restaurant, finding out he is a college student, and leaving and extra tip; it may be agreeing to provide a family a whole Thanksgiving meal and delivering it to the family on the Sunday before Thanksgiving; it might be babysitting for a neighbor just so they can have a date night. The possibilities are endless!!
  2. Discern a way that you can figure out what you can do for God and just do it (may be serving at a soup kitchen, buying gifts for a needy family, etc.)
  3. Tell somebody about your faith and invite them to church (someone you know needs a Savior in her/his life friends, relatives, acquaintances, and neighbors).

Thank you for your willingness to dive deeper into discipleship and commit 100% of who you are to Christ.
Blessings for the journey,