I read an article recently about belief in moral absolutes. People who believe there are any stand at 22%, down from 38% 10 years ago. People aged 36 or younger were the least likely to believe in moral absolutes.

There are, however, a couple of absolutes that we as Christians bank on. First, it is an absolute for us that God is good. Regardless of the mishaps and suffering in the world and in our individual lives, our faith would be shattered if we could not believe that God is good. And because God is good, God is able to help us through the difficult times and help us seek meaning out of our suffering. God is there to form a blessing out of the awfulness of life. As we continue to pray for brothers and sisters in Oklahoma, may we be reminded that we also are to be like Jesus. We are to help diminish the suffering of others by doing what we can to help. See the list of items we are collecting for health kits.

Second, God is present. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we trust that God is always available and involved. Somehow, either through the hands and hearts of others, through prayer, through praise, we can sense the Holy. But we must make room for the Holy by setting aside time and space for God to be a part of our lives. If we are to be like Jesus, we make time for worship, prayer, and Sabbath. Set some new patterns for your life this summer and see how God blesses you as a result. Commit to worship every week you are in town—not for your sake as much as a spiritual discipline God seeks of us.

Third, God requires obedience. Through Bible study, engagement with other Christians, and our own discernment, we know God loves us unconditionally and calls us to be perfected in our love toward God and each other. Sounds simple but the closer we walk with God, the harder it is. Join us in a Bible study or small group. Walk the journey with a friend. Challenge yourself and be renewed spiritually.
Three simple absolutes which keep us grounded in faith,
Pastor Karin