I’m amazed at how willing 134 middle high kids, including 15 from Fallston (and 6 adults from FUMC), are to be unplugged for a week. Granted, they may sneak their phones at night or Facebook but they are not walking around with their head in the phone all day texting. And….I’m amazed at how unnatural it is even for us adults to be unplugged. We were allowed to keep our phones but it isn’t good form, I’m told, to stand around texting. We might run into a pole or trip over a tree. And the internet is broken, so we are told. When we have church—twice a day—it is the most diverse and energetic worship you can imagine. A true melting pot of cultures. Goofy yet relevant, and ever so real. In our small group, where we have Anglos, African Americans, Hispanic folks, they raised the issues around Trayvon Martin’s death and how some are afraid of being shot before they grow up and others are afraid of those of another ethnic group at their school, they wanted to talk about bullying, especially of gay students that they go to school with, they want to know more about how they can make the world better, and of course they wanted to know why Princess Kate had to get permission to name her baby. I think we should all go to camp, get unplugged, and get real—we just might figure out how to Be Like Jesus a little more.


Pastor Karin