The weeks after Easter are always difficult for me. Easter is such a pivotal event in my life. It is a reminder to me of how much God really loves us and I spend the Lenten season preparing my heart and our congregation for the resurrection and the tremendous worship celebration. I am so grateful for the folks who make the Easter worship celebrations possible—it really does take a whole church to do what we do! But when the reality of the days after Easter ring clear with the suffering of loved ones, the chaos in the world, and the hardships of those struggling with addictions and broken relationships, it brings me back to earth—too quickly. Yet it is exactly for those times that Jesus comes in the first place. It is a reminder that we can call on Him for every day of our lives and having been reminded of God's love at Easter, we are strengthened and encouraged for the long haul. My hope is that the power of Easter sees you through all of your days, good and bad. For we are Easter people!

Praise be to a God who loves us.,