Dear Friends,

As we come into the month of November, what will it take for us to put on an attitude of gratitude.

On Thanksgiving Day, no problem—we are grateful. But how about black Friday when we can't get into the parking lot, or enthusiastic shoppers butt in line, and the economists continue the speculation about the recovery, or the next government shut down. Nevertheless, there is much, so much, for which to be thankful. A great spiritual discipline is to awaken each morning and offer God thanks for 3 things each day and then do the same every evening.

On November 3 in worship, you will receive a special paper on which to record daily what you are thankful for. Not only are you honoring God, your whole spirit will be changed by this exercise and you will be amazed at how blessed you are...and humbled as a result. Then, we are ready for the season of Advent.

We will give thanks in church each week—for the saints, for veterans, for simple gifts, for food and shelter, family and friends.

Pastor Karin