youth prayingDear Friends,

Joy and I have watched much of the NetFlix series called “13 Reasons Why.” In it, a teenager commits suicide in the 13th episode, having reviewed relationships and all the reasons why there was no hope in life. While neither of us believes this should we watched by anyone, we know that it is what teenagers are watching, and it would be hard to prohibit it. I highly recommend that children do not watch it. The show is graphic and has little regard for the millions of viewers who will see it and not be able to make sense of their own lives.

Teenagers may have one rotten thing happen in their lives and they feel like it is the end of the world as they know it. Helping them to understand that there are obstacles along the way, and that they are not traveling in the world alone is of huge importance. As parents and grandparents, you might encourage them to turn to their faith, to reach out to you, during those times and that you will help them through. Perhaps even give them an example of a difficult time for you growing up and how you overcame it.
We will be talking about the life journey and the road we travel, and suicide, with our young people to counterbalance this series. Joy will be sharing with you prior to that time just when we will do so.

It is a tough time to be a parent yet more than ever, your teens and young adults need to see how you cope. If they see you leaning in on God, perhaps they will too. If they see you doing the best you can, and not giving up hope, perhaps they will too. If they see you struggle and persevere, and rely on your faith, perhaps they will too.

I can do all things in Christ who gives me the strength. Philippians 4:3

Together, we can make a difference in our families and in the lives of our young people. Join me as I pray daily for all of our young people, and for families, that we might make an impact on the world.