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stop human trafficking

You can help in the fight against modern-day slavery. Freedom happens now!  Human trafficking is considered to be modern-day slavery, a multi-billion dollar criminal industry forcing men, women and children, to work in harsh and abusive conditions with little or no pay. And no matter where you live, chances are it’s happening nearby – even in the United States. In fact, 46 children a day are stolen in the United States and forced into sex slavery and/or labor situations. The Fallston United Methodist church is dedicated to promoting awareness and assisting survivors of trafficking through its work with local anti-human trafficking organizations such as The Samaritan Women.


  1. Join a prayer vigil or pray for victims of human trafficking on your own.
  2. Sign up for action alerts and information updates.
  3. Petition congressional action on issues of prosecution, protection, and prevention.
  4. Report a tip to law enforcement.
  1. Keep yourself safe online: never post your personal information, don’t befriend strangers and never share your passwords even with your best friends.
  2. Never meet in person with someone you’ve only met online.
  3. Don’t be fooled by traffickers posing as modeling photographers or agencies. Always verify they are a legitimate business.

The Blue Campaign is the unified voice for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) efforts to combat human trafficking. It provides information for victims.

The National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC) is a national anti-trafficking hotline and resource center serving victims and survivors of human trafficking and the anti-trafficking community in the United States.

The Samaritan Women is a national Christian organization providing restorative care to survivors, and bringing about an end to domestic human trafficking through awareness, prevention, and advocacy.

IMG 20140321 103809721 HDRMembers of Fallston United Methodist Church in partnership with Global Addoption Services sponsor the tuition of Haitian children in the village of Desarmes.  Statistically, only 50% of Haitians are considered literate, and only 2% are able to complete high school. Currently, 6 of our kids are in high/middle school. In the rural area we serve, there is not access to public education, but there is a parochial school available to the local children. The tuition is $30 per month and the school year is 9 months long. We currently have 16 students sponsored ages kindergarten through 8th grade. Tuition money is paid directly to the school and they provide us with receipts and copies of the childrens' report cards. Some of the sponsors pay for tuition. We also try to provide our school kids with a backpack ($10 bought in Haiti) and sandals ($2.50 for smaller sizes and $5.00 for larger sizes). Any additional money collected will go toward notebooks, pencils and so on.  For additional information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

WaterForAllFallston United Methodist Church gives financial support to Church World Service to help communities obtain and manage their own potable water.

More than a billion people worldwide lack clean water, and more than 2.1 million people most of them children die each year from waterborne disease. Water cannot be taken for granted.
Some experts predict that by the middle of this century people in over 60 countries could face water shortages. At the heart of the threat to future water supplies is the destruction of ecosystems. For example, over half the countries in Africa are "water-stressed." Lack of access to water affects the life of vulnerable populations, making the simple task of collecting water a tremendous burden.

CWS supports communities in obtaining and managing their own potable water supplies and watershed sources. We regard water as a responsibility of public service, not as a resource for the few who can afford to pay. This means preventing policies that narrow the range of available options such as trade rules that encourage inappropriate privatization and commercialization of services and promoting the ability of local communities to develop their own solutions.


Financial support from the Fallston United Methodist Church to the Sierra Leone center provides shelter, education, food and health care to children who were orphaned or lost contact with their families during the war.

Providing a holistic faith-based program for vulnerable children - See more at: http://www.umcmission.org/Give-to-Mission/Search-for-Projects/Projects/14377A#sthash.8gX7T1Ry.dpuf

ProsthesisProgramFinancial support from Fallston United Methodist Church given to the United Methodist Church Committe on Relief (UMCOR) provides artificial limbs, rehabilitation aids and appliances for amputees.

The civil conflict in Sierra Leone that lasted for 10 years left many thousands of people who had their limbs chopped off. The project to fit a simple, lower limb prosthesis devised in India called "Jaipur foot? began in 2000. It was suspended for two years when the conflict escalated in Sierra Leone; the project was restarted in 2003 in Bo.

The UMC Limb Prosthesis Center produces about 10-12 lower limb prostheses every month that enable amputees to walk again.

The program continues to provide needed support, as amputees are occurring through the loss of limbs from accidents and limited access to medical care. - See more at: http://www.umcmission.org/Give-to-Mission/Search-for-Projects/Projects/982580#sthash.BPmH7ZrL.dpuf

NothingButNetsFallston United Methodist Church provides financial support to help prevent Malaria by the use of hanging nets.

Two years ago, a child in Africa died every 30 seconds from malaria. Now, it is every 60 seconds. The Nothing But Nets campaign, with support from our generous supporters, has made huge progress in the fight to end malaria ? but just one death from a preventable disease is too many. In the poorest parts of the world, insecticide-treated bed nets are the most cost-effective way to prevent malaria transmission. One bed net costs just $10 to procure and deliver to individuals in need. One bed net can safely last a family for about four years, thanks to a long-lasting insecticide woven into the fabric. Over the past five years, Nothing But Nets, through working with our partners like the United Methodist Church, has sent 6 million bed nets to protect children and families. We hope to continue this momentum in order to achieve the goal of zero malaria deaths by 2015, as set by the UN Secretary General in the Millennium Development Goals. - See more at: http://www.umcmission.org/Give-to-Mission/Search-for-Projects/Projects/982015#sthash.83I6goLr.dpuf

chw-logo-150x97CROP Hunger Walks are community-wide events sponsored by Church World Service and organized by local congregations or groups to raise funds to end hunger at home and around the world. With its inception in 1969, CROP Hunger Walks are "viewed by many as the granddaddy of charity walks," notes the Los Angeles Times (Oct. 26, 2009).

On October 17, 1969, a thousand people in Bismarck, ND, walked in what may have been the first-ever CROP Hunger Walk – and raised $25,000 to help stop hunger. Several other CROP Hunger Walks occurred soon thereafter, and before long there were hundreds of Walks each year in communities nationwide.

Currently, well over 2,000 communities across the U.S. join in more than 1,600 CROP Hunger Walks each year. More than five million CROP Hunger Walkers have participated in more than 36,000 CROP Hunger Walks in the last two decades alone.

SudanEmergencyFinancial support from Fallston United Methodist Church provided to United Methodist Church Committee on Relief (UMCOR) assists the country through emergency and long-term development projects.

UMCOR opened a field office for direct relief and rehabilitation in the embattled Darfur region of Sudan in February 2005. Later that year, the program expanded to include agriculture extension, emergency supply distribution, and small-scale livelihoods projects. This work has been concentrated in South Darfur. UMCOR also works with a coalition of humanitarian organizations to provide assistance to Sudanese refugees who have fled to neighboring countries.

This Advance also supports activities in the southern regions of Sudan, which, in 2011, became the Republic of South Sudan. In recognition of the new, separate country, a new Advance has been created to serve the people of the Republic of South Sudan. Until further notice, both the Sudan Emergency Advance and South Sudan Emergency Advance may be used to support programs in South Sudan.






Operating 11 orphanages, 2 in Pakistan and 9 in Afghanistan, AFCECO nurtures and cares for more than 700 Afghan refugee children.

YOUR help will enable AFCECO to further help the neediest of Afghan children, by providing them with an environment of love, tolerance and respect for others.

Fallston United Methodist Church's donation fully sponsors an orphaned child in Afghanistan. We routinely correspond with Shirshah via email. This sponsorship has been ongoing since 2007.

OperationChristmasChildSince 1993, more than 100 million boys and girls in over 130 countries have experienced God's love through the power of simple shoebox gifts from Operation Christmas Child. Samaritan's Purse works with local churches and ministry partners to deliver the gifts and share the life-changing Good News of Jesus Christ.

Sunday School children and the congregation fill shoeboxes with gifts for children in need so that they may experience God's love through the power of simple shoe box gifts.

ToteBagsForEducationTote Bags are filled with specific school supplies to give children in impoverished schools, refugee camps, or other difficult settings some of the basic tools for learning.

BlanketSundayThis is a special Sunday donation for Church World Service to provide hope in the form of blankets to survivors of storms, earthquakes and other disasters.

Blankets+ is a special mission opportunity for all ages. Some 8,000 congregations and groups across the U.S. hold CWS Blankets+ events, providing funds to help people in need around the world.

For over 60 years, CWS has worked in partnership with local communities to identify their needs and access the resources they need to build the foundation for a more viable future, including:

  • Blankets, tents, food and other emergency supplies in the wake of a disaster
  • Tools and seeds for refugees returning home to replant their fields
  • Wells for families living in drought prone areas to provide clean, safe water to drink and to irrigate crops and gardens
  • Literacy training and microcredit for women struggling to realize their potential.

SARC"We work to end domestic violence, sexual violence, and stalking; to aid its victims and to create a society free from abuse and fear."


SARC is Harford County's lifeline to victims, potential victims, and survivors of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual violence, and stalking. Working within the community, we are the catalyst for the eradication and prevention of violence. We stop the pattern of violence by providing:

  • A safe haven which offers hope, empowerment, opportunities and tools, for new beginnings
  • Comprehensive training to professionals, community education, and prevention initiatives to recognize and reject abusive attitudes and actions
  • Additional access to resources through partnership and collaboration with allied community organizations, and
  • Leadership and expertise by developing and implementing solutions to issues of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual violence, and stalking.

SARC does this in a confidential environment of trust, respect, and mutual accountability without regard to race, creed, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, or economic circumstances.

Fallston United Methodist Church provides a donation to SARC to end domestic violence, sexual violence, and stalking; to aid its victims and to create a society free from abuse and fear.



For 60 years, The Arc Northern Chesapeake Region (The Arc NCR) has helped people with intellectual and developmental disabilities build better lives one person at a time. The Arc NCR currently offers the following services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities living in Harford and Cecil Counties:

  • Employment Services to 140 adults
  • Family and Individual Support Services to 425 children (age 0-21) and their families
  • Treatment Foster Care Services to 55 children and their families
  • Supported Living and Individual Support Services to 266 adults

The Arc NCR supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to create lives that mirror yours and mine: students attending neighborhood schools, adults going to work and living in their own homes, and individuals enjoying the social and recreational opportunities in their communities. We are a private, non-profit local chapter of The Arc of Maryland and The Arc of The United States, the largest volunteer organization in the world devoted exclusively to improving the quality of life for all adults and children with developmental disabilities.

Fallston United Methodist Church provides a yearly donation to support ARC's supportive services offered to families with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

ScoutingForFoodScouting For Food is one of the Boy Scouts of America's best known national service projects and is conducted by virtually every Boy Scout council across the nation on an annual basis.

Scouting For Food was first conducted on a national level, as a National Good Turn, by the BSA in 1988 and collected more than 60 million food items in that year.

In the Baltimore Area Council, Scouting For Food has had a long tradition as being the single largest service project in Central Maryland. Under the leadership of many adult volunteers, and through their dedication, the Scouting For Food program has annually collected food items to donate to local food agencies and feeding programs including homeless shelters, food pantries, food banks and soup kitchens. These agencies vary in size and may serve a small amount of families in a local community or thousands of families in Central Maryland.

Fallston United Methodist Church continues to be a distribution hub for the Scouting for Food program that is supported by local Boy Scout, Cub Scout and Girl Scout Troops.

ChildrensBooksGently used children's books are collected and distributed through our various adopt-a-family programs throughout the year.

HarfordFamilyHouseHarford Family House is the largest provider of transitional housing for homeless families with children in Harford County. We are the only organization in Harford County capable of keeping an intact family, including a father, together during the crisis of homelessness. It is our goal to end homelessness in Harford County, one family at a time. As a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO), we are committed to increasing the availability of affordable housing to all families.

Fallston United Methodist Church provides a financial donation to Harford Family House to support transitional housing.

Sharing TableFallston Church provides a hot lunch at New Hope United Methodist Church's day shelter on the 4th Wednesday of every month.


The Welcome One Emergency Shelter is the only full-service emergency homeless shelter in Harford County. The shelter is located in the Riverside Business Park in Belcamp. Welcome One is a night-shelter with 31 beds: 25 for men, 6 for women.

Welcome One is operated by FCCAU (Faith Communities and Civic Agencies United), a charitable organization that is supported by a successful collaboration of churches, faith-based groups, local businesses, foundations and government agencies. The shelter provides and advocates for a continuum of services designed to reduce the incidence and burdens of homelessness in Harford County.

Welcome One Homeless Services also operates a Transitional and Supportive Housing Program with four units in Bel Air. FCCAU also maintains a special fund to provide homeless individuals with emergency motel nights when beds are not available at Welcome One or other shelters in the county.

Fallston United Methodist Church partners with FCCAU by providing financial support for their emergency shelter, transitional housing and aid in fundraising events.

TheSharingTableThe Sharing Table was founded in 1993 and is a coalition of churches, dedicated to reaching out to citizens in need. Groups of people from local churches work together to serve a free meal, most Saturdays, to anyone in need.

The Sharing Table provides nourishment for Senior Citizens, families with children, and anyone having a hard time making it through the month. There are no requirements and no qualifications. All who are in need of a good meal are welcome. Each individual will receive a bag of groceries to take home

Fallston United Methodist Church provides casseroles and servers to The Sharing Table in Edgewood twice a year.

OptometryGivingSightOptometry Giving Sight is the only global fundraising initiative that specifically targets the prevention of blindness and impaired vision due to uncorrected refractive error – simply the need for an eye exam and a pair of glasses. More than 600 million people around the world are blind or vision impaired because they do not have access to the eye examination and glasses they need. Your donations allow Optometry Giving Sight to fund the solution by supporting programs that:

  •     Train – local eye care professionals and;
  •     Establish – vision centres for sustainability to;
  •     Deliver – eye care and low cost glasses

Sight is the most treasured of our five senses. We see the world and its myriad of colors and shapes through the windows of our eyes. We learn with them. We laugh with them. We communicate with them. We provide for our families with them. We see our loved ones with them.

Sight can make the difference between a life of poverty and a life of opportunity.

ASP 200x161Appalachia Service Project (ASP) provides one of the most rewarding structured service opportunities in the nation -- bringing thousands of volunteers from around the country to rural Central Appalachia to repair homes for low-income families. But ASP is more than just a home repair program. Yes, Appalachia's poorest families urgently need your help, but they can help change your life, too. Because when you change the lives of others, they have a way of changing you.

After a few days of hard work repairing homes with ASP, your hands will grow a little tougher, your arms a little stronger, and your relationship with God a whole lot deeper. You'll return home to your community with a passion for service, a renewed compassion for other people, and a fresh appreciation for your place and purpose in this world. Best of all, you'll discover first-hand that regardless of geography, education, or economic class, we are all equal members of the family of God.

We like to say that our goal is to make homes "warmer, safer and drier" for needy families. And for more than 40 years, we've done exactly that for thousands of families. Yet for all that, we are only able to serve one in ten families who apply to us for help. We need many, many more volunteers to make a lasting dent in Appalachian poverty.

In other words, we need you.  So come on and join us. Sure, you'll install insulation. Repair porches. Reinforce foundations. But even more importantly, you'll build a whole new you.

If you would like to give monetarily to help our Church support the ASP mission please use the PayPal button below.


HaitiChildrenProjectHaiti Children Project (HCP) is a 501(c)3 Public Charity based in South Carolina which supports the operations of an orphanage, medical clinic and education and community development activities in Jeremie, Haiti. We provide financial and volunteer support to these projects, as well as to the local church and Good Samaritan, a hospice house for destitute elderly. The primary mission of HCP is to share the love of Christ in Haiti through partnerships that meet physical needs and foster educational and spiritual growth for children and communities.

The orphanage was established in 2005 by Wade and Janet McGuinn, who continue to provide leadership and support today. The orphanage currently houses 39 children. HCP helps to care for and prepare these children so they will become healthy, educated, self supporting citizen leaders who will give back to their community and people.

AdoptAFamilyLocal families in need from the Arc and Mason Dixon Community Services are provided with the following:

Thanksgiving Adopt-a-Family Program – Turkeys and bags of food for Thanksgiving

Christmas Adopt-a-Family Programs – Gifts, turkeys and bags of food

Easter Adopt-a-Family Program – Hams, bags of food and Easter baskets

Backpack Adopt-a-Family Program – Backpacks filled with school supplies

"The Arc" is an organization that provides services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities living in Harford and Cecil counties.

"Mason Dixon Community Services" provides high quality human services to low-income residents of the South Eastern School District of York County and northern Harford counties.

ChangeJarSpare change is collected every week in a jar on the table under the Missions bulletin board in the Welcome Center.  This change goes directly to local organizations to help them provide shelter and support homeless individuals on the path to self-sufficiency so that they can provide shelter for change.