1509 Fallston Road - Fallston, Maryland, 21047
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Senior Pastor: Rev. Dr. Karin Walker
Associate Pastor: Rev. Danny Breidenbaugh
Pastor of Visitation: Rev. Diane Crider



A few friends/members have expressed concerns over sound in the sanctuary, and not always hearing the entire service clearly. Because of the design and the idiosyncrasies of the sanctuary and the service, not all areas are conducive to clearly hearing, especially if individuals experience any degree of hearing loss.  

For example, if you sit near the grand piano, you will hear piano, but perhaps not hear vocalists. If you sit on the right side near the front of the sanctuary, you will not hear the amplified vocalists or speakers. If you sit near the rear of the room, the level may appear too soft, but if you sit near a speaker, the level may appear too loud. 

The goal, of course, is to make the pastors and service participants seem like they are speaking directly to you, so that you don’t notice the amplification. In a space as large as our sanctuary, with a ceiling as spacious as ours, that is a difficult task, but not because of our sound system, because of the room design.  

If you are someone who has struggled to hear, please know that we have made significant changes particularly, over the past month, to address those concerns. The 9:00 service is balanced so that those worshipping virtually hear minimal feedback and echo, and that those in the sanctuary can hear. The 10:15 service is slightly louder but is not amplified as loud as some would like at the risk of feedback, and that squeal that no one wants to hear.  

To be honest, the best seats in the sanctuary for clearly hearing Pastor Karin, Pastor Danny and the other participants in the service, are those closest to the center aisle and at least 6 rows back. If you have struggled to hear over the past month, perhaps you would consider a pew change. We would be happy to offer ideas of seats that could off you a better hearing experience.  If that is not a choice for you, perhaps you would consider using the external amplification devices that can be placed on your ear. These are available on the welcome desk in the narthex or from an usher.  

Sound is very important to us, and we want to make certain you can always clearly hear our pastors. Please reach out if we can help!