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Senior Pastor: Rev. Dr. Karin Walker
Associate Pastor: Rev. Danny Breidenbaugh
Pastor of Visitation: Rev. Diane Crider




The 237th Annual Conference Session was held via zoom October 25 to 27 presided over by Bishop LaTrelle Easterling.    The theme of the conference was “Still One, Standing, Transforming, Rising.   You might translate that to mean;   Still standing in difficult times.  Transforming the way we are the church.  Rising to meet challenges and continuing to move forward and upward,.  Still One – Doing It – Together. 

In her message to the Annual Conference Bishop Easterling reminded us that:  “Beloved, in this season of persisting pandemics, perpetual postponements, debilitating divisions, fictive fissures, expectations that exhaust, and conflicts that confound you are still standing.   As one, you have conducted at least 84 worship services virtually or as a hybrid experience since the pandemic started,” she said. “You have met the needs of your flock and their family and friends through faith, creative collaborations, ingenuity, and sheer grit.”

A collection was taken for the “Seeds of Security” mission that ministers to those who are victims of domestic violence. 

Our Conference is merging with the Peninsula- Delaware Annual Conference with Bishop LaTrelle Easterling presiding.

Bishop LaTrelle Easterling lifted up the ministries of this year’s retirees, licensed local pastors, certified lay ministers, and the Order of Deacons, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.      This year, 29 clergy, representing 784 years of ordained ministry, retired from the Baltimore-Washington Conference.  The BWC welcomed 13 local pastors, who are “serving with passion and acumen,”  celebrated the BWC’s 29 deacons.


RESOLUTION 1.  Members voted to create a BWC Cemetery Association that will oversee funds for the upkeep of three historic cemeteries: Mt. Auburn, Mt. Olivet, and Mt. Hebron.

RESOLUTION 2.  Due to number of children being killed by gun violence  Resolution to declare gun violence a public health emergency in the conference.  Among the priorities churches are called to address and calls every congregation to enter into meaningful conversations and action are:

  1. Providing universal background checks on all gun purchases;
  2. Ensuring all guns are sold through licensed gun retailers;
  3. Prohibiting all individuals under restraining order due to threat of violence from purchasing a gun;
  4. Prohibiting those persons with serious mental disorders who pose a danger to themselves and their communities from purchasing a gun, and ensuring greater access to services for those who have mental illness;
  5. Banning large-capacity ammunition magazines and weapons designed to fire multiple rounds each time the trigger is pulled, (this issue has been addressed at the federal level).
  6. Promoting new technologies to aid law-enforcement agencies to trace crime guns and promote public safety.

RESOLUTION 3.    To emphasize care for God’s creation including study, Youth Green Teams, advocacy, And support of Earth Day.

RESOLUTION 4.     Promote environmental human rights issues – opposing prejudice, greed and apathy.

RESOLUTION 5.    Election of General and Jurisdictional delegates by simple majority.

RESOLUTION 6.   More flexibility in deadline report dates.

 Baltimore-Washington Annual Conference Session adopted a 2022 budget and a new formula for determining the mission shares payments that will help fund it.

A  sacred time of remembrance in the form of a Memorial Service  was held for those pastors and lay delegates who had passed in the last year.

Churches of the Conference shared their musical gifts throughout the conference.

The churches have worked hard in addressing racism through the means of Training the conference staff in inclusion, diversity, equity and antiracism practices.  A new curriculum was developed “A Diverse Church by Design,” for cross-racial/cross-cultural appointments and churches who need to better connect with their communities.    Eighty-three percent of the churches have declared their intention on being a Beloved Community  and are on a pathway to becoming racial justice change agents.    Christie Latona, the BWC’s director of Connectional Ministries, said, “    We know this is a journey of a lifetime and that each choice we make,  Each action we take or don’t take -- either makes us an agent of God’s liberating love or not.”

Nine churches were closed and the buildings will be used to establish new ministries

Three Annapolis churches are merging and probably will be using one site for mission work under the name “The Annapolis District Vital Merger”.

The next Annual Conference Session will be June 1-3, 2022, at the Baltimore Waterfront Marriott Waterfront Hotel. 

Glenn and Betty Megill are honored to represent Fallston UMC as Lay Delegates to the Annual Conference.