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Associate Pastor: Rev. Danny Breidenbaugh

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We generally think about what we will give up or sacrifice during the season of Lent. The 40 days often is looked at as a season of self-deprivation in order to help us develop the habit of seeking God.  It is a year when so much has been lost because of the pandemic, you might not be “feeling it” to give up another thing for these six weeks.

 Here are a couple of ways you can observe a Holy Lent:

  1. Yes—you can give alms, fast, deny yourself a “bad habit” (which is never a bad idea!) and then replace those things or time with something that draws you into a deeper relationship with Christ. This is a traditional way to live through the Lenten season and brings satisfaction and great joy come Easter Day.
  2. Give of yourself through Lent.  Each week in Lent, we will talk about a “love in action” step that  you can work on each week.  These will come to you on the Monday of each week.  We gave you a head start in worship this past weekend so you already know what the action step is:  Writing “love” letters to people whom you know and who have influenced your life.  It is a way to say thank you and to stop for a moment and thank God for bringing those folks into your life.  Imagine the difference it will make in their life to get a note from you. **This first step can continue throughout the season of Lent!!
  3. Take time to connect weekly with 2 or 3 people that might be having a hard time.  There are many of our folks who have been feeling very isolated especially since outside activities right now are limited.  We also have numerous college students having a hard time for the same reasons.  Could you commit to praying for one of these students and letting them know each week you are doing so.  Perhaps after a week or so, you could even ask what specifically you could pray for.  Sending candy, homemade cookies, Dunkin gift card…lots of things you can do!  I can help you get started if you need addresses, etc.

The more we are able to get ourselves out of the middle of our circle of reference, the more we are able to focus on others, and pretty soon, the one that is double blessed is you.  It’s seeing through the lens of love.  Check out our worship videos each week to get a great sense of it.