Senior Pastor: Rev. Dr. Karin Walker 
Associate Pastor: Rev. Danny Breidenbaugh

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Dear Friends,

This has been an awakening week in our country. People have risen to the occasion to point out the injustice done to George Floyd by a police officer who had a history of complaints against him. Men and women, black and white and brown all stood up to say this isn’t who we are as a society in this country. Peaceful protestors made their presence known in positive ways, united for the purpose of dismantling racism in our country.

Then a small group of troublemakers began looting, fighting, and causing great destruction in our cities across the country, subverting the primary message and distorting the purpose of the protests. And attacks against police officers randomly began to take place.

That’s where we come in! We, the church of Jesus Christ, stand for peace and justice. It’s who we are as people of God. If we follow Jesus’ teachings and attempt to be like Jesus, we know that racism does not have a place in our culture or in our lives. We must embrace one another, lean on each other, and trust one another to have honest conversations about our own attitudes and prejudices. Let’s make sure the world knows we are Christians by our love for one another.

Join us in conversation around racism on Wednesday evenings 7:00 pm (4 Wednesday nights)—see article in this newsletter.

As we celebrate Peace with Justice this Sunday, let’s have the courage to say this is an important issue for our time and that each of us can learn from one another. We can continue to pray for God’s help as we seek a path forward.

Blessings,  Karin