Pastor: Rev. Dr. Karin Walker 

1509 Fallston Road
Fallston, Maryland, 21047
Email: fallstonumc@fallstonumc.org



If you are out going to the grocery, or if you are an essential employee and pass by the church, feel free to stop and pick up a palm and communion kit, and children’s coloring bag. These will be in large brown paper bags across the front of the church. You can pick up a bag that says 1 person 2 persons 4 persons or any combination of the above. You will only have to touch your brown bags.

**Please note that every time the items have been touched here at the church, someone has worn gloves.

**Whether or not going out to get these items qualifies as essential is another issue. The alternative for Sunday morning is for you to have bread and juice in your home that I will consecrate as part of our worship time together so that whatever elements you use, rest assured you have received communion.

Sandwiches for the homeless—If you would like to make sandwiches again for the homeless, you can leave them in the bin or on top of the bin when/if you pick up palms. Please only do what is legal on your way to and from grocery, etc. While church staff is clearly able to “work” via the proclamation, there is much that remains in the gray area!! The sandwiches will be delivered to the Sharing Table, New Hope, and/or Manna House.