Senior Pastor: Rev. Dr. Karin Walker 
Associate Pastor: Rev. Danny Breidenbaugh

1509 Fallston Road
Fallston, Maryland, 21047
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This verse has always been one of my favorites. One of the jobs I had while in seminary was as a “stock person.”  I would meet the truck at 4:30am and unload it at a large chain drug store.  The heaviest things to lift off the belt were windshield washer fluid by the case and Prestone.  I could not lift them.  But it was just me.  I would think about that verse and ask for God’s help, but I could not do it (and probably not good for me to try). In utter desperation, I sat down wondering what to do.  The truck driver, named Pete, came into the store to see what the hold up was.  He said, oh, nobody ever lifts that stuff.  Let me show you how we do it.  So he went and a second cart and lowered the belt so that it slid right onto the cart.  It made me realize that the Lord does strengthen us but sometimes not with sheer strength but through working with others.  If you are in need of strength, reach out to others.  Join a Bible study this week or prayer time (scheduled for Friday morning at 7am).  None of us are an island and we are stronger together!!

Blessings, Karin