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This month, we have been reminded that it was 50 years ago that humanity first walked on the moon.  If you have seen any of the footage and heard any of the reporting, you will remember that one of Buzz Aldrin’s first act was to partake in Holy Communion and recite those words of our Lord and Savior there in that place.  It is a powerful testimony to the transcendence of faith especially at that moment when you realize just how small earth really is.  Imagine the experience of seeing earth from the moon and the realization that our Creator is so much greater than our imagination can even comprehend. But in these most powerful words is an even deeper understanding—that this Creator God loved us so much that he sent His only Son to make sure we got it right, that He loves us unconditionally, with a love so extravagant that it is incomprehensible.  Try that for a mind-blowing day dream!



Join us this August for a series on Jesus' Sermon on the Mount.  From Commandments Jesus’ Way to Don’t Worry, Be Happy—he was on a roll with powerful images that undergird us with strength and encouragement.