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It was a joy to have Richard Jean Baptiste in worship with us this Sunday.  He leads the missions we support in De Sarmes, Haiti.  As he was speaking, he shared a little about the child slavery trade that happens in Haiti.  When you are vulnerable (ie. poor or lack family structure), you are a potential target to become restavek. Children are essentially taken from their homes, and forced to work, sometimes far away from home, and parents never see them again. We don’t hear much about this on the news just like we don’t hear about the street children in Brazil, or those forcibly enscripted into the army, as children, in El Salvador. When you have a chance today to hug your children, tell them you love them and the lengths to which you go to protect them.

Since there were some questions about what a restavek child is, these three links offer good explanations: 

The two children in the photos have been in our school program since 2014 until they suddenly disappeared this year.  They have likely been sold. 

What Richard didn’t share in church was that his mother was not a maid, but a restavek and was 18 when he was born.  If it had not been for the chance to go to a mission school, he would never had the opportunity to become an MD. He is the first person in his local area to achieve higher education.  We hope that through our mission to educate the younger children, he will not be the last.