Adult Fellowship is a group of Christian Believers united for the purpose of Christian Fellowship and Service.

Who are the Adult Fellowship?  Adult Fellowship is designed primarily for those of the congregation who have reached the point where they are no longer deeply involved in raising a family and find that they now have more leisure time for fellowship and service activities. However, the group is open to all adult members and friends of the Church. Please contact Dot Jones if you have any questions.

What are the activities of Adult Fellowship?  The group meets monthly, usually on Sunday evening; but, periodically, the group has a Saturday breakfast meeting. The meetings include discussion of items of business and planning, and time is allowed for fellowship and refreshments. Also, there usually is a guest speaker or related activity.

Social Activities

** The Valentine Dinner was a lot of fun and despite some difficulties, everyone seemed to enjoy it. As most of you know, we had a partial power outage that afternoon so we had no heat, the stoves worked but we had to cook in the dark, no sound system for awhile, we lost the water supply, no bathrooms, we started to smell burning wires (that was corrected by BG&E, the church didn't burn down) and it snowed. But, other than that, it was really fun. Please click Valentine Dinner to view some of the pictures that were taken during this event.

February - The men prepare a gourmet Valentine dinner for the ladies of the group.

June - The group has a summer cook-out party.

December - Each year the group has a Christmas dinner and party.

Day Trips have been taken to see NOAH; Christmas show in New York; Plays, including Phantom of the Opera, Lion King & Wicked; and Christmas plays at the Allenberry Playhouse.

Vacation Cruises have been taken.

Fundraising Activities

Adult Fellowship fund-raising activities provide money for Service Projects only (Fellowship activities are paid for by the individual participants and not from the fundraising activities).

Fundraising activities include making hard candy to be sold at the Church Bazaar, sale of knives at the bazaar, Wolfgang Candy sales at Easter and Christmas, Spring flower sale, and sponsoring various concerts and dinners.

Service Projects

Adult Fellowship believes that its members, as the more senior members of the church, have a great deal to contribute and an obligation to support all of the Church's activities.
Some of the opportunities for service are:

Support the Missions effort by contributing to the Thanksgiving and Christmas food and gift baskets and helping to pack and distribute them.

Set up, decorate for, and work at the Bazaar.

Support the building effort financially, through the donation of needed items and participation in building activities.

Support the youth group by sponsoring youth activities and meeting with youth for teaching and fellowship. An example would be to have a dinner for the youth and then a program on a specific topic of the Church, such as the meaning of the stained glass windows.

Support Bible School, especially in the kitchen.

Support the Dinner Theater by providing a night of service.

Support the Blood Drive as donors and workers.

Sponsor the annual Church Picnic.

Visit homebound members and provide needed assistance. The group has provided a motorized wheelchair in the past, as well as meals.

Provide a prayer chain and church communication chain within the group.

Sponsor programs such as guest speakers.

Support with our funds the Fuel Fund and Blanket Fund.