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Senior Pastor: Rev. Dr. Karin Walker
Associate Pastor: Rev. Danny Breidenbaugh
Pastor of Visitation: Rev. Diane Crider




Everybody needs some hope about now!  People are experiencing a whole lot of disruption to everyday life and a lot of grief.  Things, as we know them, have changed dramatically. But Fallston Church stands as a beacon on this hill in Fallston reminding the world that the light shall overcome all darkness.

It is a time to bring some constancy, hope, and a life of faith to yourself and your family.  We invite you to connect with us and transform your life in a lot of ways. It isn’t simply the chance to fellowship, make new friends, engage with groups of people in fun and enjoyable events.  It isn’t just a great way to raise kids with important values so that they become good people and Lord knows, parents can use a little help!  It isn’t just a way to participate in missions that let you know you are making an impact in the world. It isn’t only a place where people will pray for you.  It is all of that.

And it is a place that feels like home—a place where the love of Christ is central and where people are doing the best they can to be like Jesus. We journey together. We welcome everyone. We have different opinions about stuff and we come from a lot of different backgrounds and places. We agree to disagree and focus on the amazing grace of God.  We care about each other, about our community, and the world.  Join us and walk closer with Christ!

Blessings, Karin
Rev. Dr. Karin Walker


Worship Services - Real and Relevant


Sunday Mornings - 9:00 & 10:15 in the Sanctuary (Live Stream at 9:00)

Join us in person or from home over breakfast maybe, for services that include a variety of music (piano, band, organ - contemporary and traditional), kids' message, prayer, sermon. Our 10:15 service includes Sunday school for our infants through high school youth.

Faith and Beliefs

We are Spirit-Empowered and Christ-Centered.  Whether you are a lifelong Christian or someone who isn’t sure how Christ can be active in your life, this is the place for you.  We have countless stories to tell of how the Spirit has made a difference in the lives of folks in our congregation and those we serve. We feel prayer empowers our work, and our work blesses others. Lives are changed, people are carried when they cannot walk, and supported and blessed as together we celebrate the victories and struggle together through the difficult days.  You will find a friend here.

We are people from all walks of life on a journey to be like Jesus. We realize that means our priority is to be our mission focused. Here at Fallston Church, we are always engaged with people outside our four walls—from our local communities, to Appalachia, Puerto Rico, and around the world.  From adopting families at Thanksgiving and Christmas, to adopting a family and their new apartment in our area, to responding immediately to disasters like tornadoes in the Midwest or hurricanes on the islands, we invite the community to join us in making an impact in the world.  Our outward mindset connects us to one another and to many who cross our path.

If you want to make a significant impact on the lives of others as well as be blessed, we are the place for you. Come and learn more about how your life can transform someone else’s life, and how God’s amazing love can transform you.  If you are reading this, consider it a sign that God is nudging you to draw closer.  And God doesn’t take no for answer!!  Just read Jonah, lol.

If you are in need of prayer today, you have come to the right place.  We can put you on our prayer list or put you in touch with a Stephen’s Minister or Pastor Karin.  Please email Prayers.  

Mission Central Parish

Using Fallston UMC as the anchor, we are are nine churches working together to:

  • SERVE   Expand community engagement and impact   
  • LEAD     Increase mission to reach more of the least, the last, and the lost
  • HOPE    Empower people to move along the Discipleship journey

Churches grow when there is an outward focus and when disciples of Jesus have a vision greater than themselves and their four walls.  The Mission Central Parish provides many opportunities for people to be engaged in mission at various sites with a variety of communities.  United Methodists for life deserve the opportunity to engage in mission, Bible study, UMW, small groups, Sunday School, youth group all of which are not possible in their one building with few people.  The parish allows each congregation to worship in their building where they grew up in some cases, yet grow in their faith journey as we all do throughout our lives.  Find out more. 

Vision and Mission

Be Like Jesus Emblem
VISIONWe want to Be Like Jesus. As we worship together, study together, and play together, how we do so reflects Jesus in who we are and how we are. We journey together to discover more and more how to be “imitators of Christ.”
MISSIONWe are called to Make Disciples for Jesus Christ. This is the main thing and it is imperative that we always keep it as the main thing in all that we do. We want members, guests, and strangers to feel compelled to seek out Christ as their Lord and Savior by the relationships they build with us as individuals and as a congregation.

Together we commit to Pray, Worship, Witness, Serve, and Give.

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